Emergency Management


  • Development of Crisis Management Plans and Duty Cards
  • Development of Emergency Management Plans and Duty Cards
  • Development of Emergency Response Standard Operating Procedures
  • Emergency Preparation, Preparedness and Response Audits
  • Manage Emergency Incidents Course (2 Days)


  • Relief Security and Emergency Response Superintendent
  • Relief Emergency Response Coordinators


Safety and Emergency Management Consultants specialise in the development, implementation and Auditing of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems for the resource industry covering Processing Plants, Open Pit and Underground Operations.

OHS Management Systems are designed and developed to suit the business needs and compliant to the relevant legislative requirements. The OHS Management Systems are site and company-specific and are a Risk Management based system which is a realistic and practical approach in managing safety in the workplace.


An Occupational Health and Safety Management System for a mine is the primary means of ensuring the safe operation of a mine. It brings together a number of procedures and policies to ensure it is comprehensive enough to suit the risks and complexity of the mine operations.

It is a tool that enables a mine operator to follow a process that will assist them in systematically achieving and maintaining the required level of legislative compliance and demonstrates that processes and systems are in place to manage workplace hazards and risks.


While most mines have safety-related policies, plans and processes in place, the Occupational Health and Safety Management System ties all the elements together into an integrated system to effectively manage the risks to the health and safety of all employees. It is important the employer and Mine Manager combine all aspects of safety into a single integrated system to ensure there are no gaps and that all elements work in a coordinated manner.

The Audit process conducted by SEMC is thorough, detailed, realistic and Risk Management based with the recommended improvements identified from the audit are based on adding value to the business and reducing the possibility of accidents and incidents occurring.


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